Highs and Woes: Library Edition

TODAY IS QUITE POSSIBLY THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE BECAUSE KYAKATARA PRIMARY SCHOOL FINALLY HAS A LIBRARY! Shout out to the international aid organizations that dumped a bunch of books at the school 4 years ago and left them (quite literally) in the dust without any follow-up or teacher training. You’re doing development right. Now, my highs and woes of transforming a storage room of books into a functioning library…in numbers:

2,668: Number of books in the library
125: Number of American textbooks that Marian refuses to let me get rid of (Helllooo “Writing and Grammar for the Twelfth Grade”)
100: Number of times I thought about giving up
14: Number of months spent organizing, labeling (by hand!), cataloguing & cleaning mysterious excrement off of every. single. book.
10: Number of seasons of “Friends” watched while completing the aforementioned tasks (don’t judge me.)
6: Number of seasons of “Vampire Diaries” watched while completing the aforementioned tasks (don’t judge me. more.)
4: Number of months the library project was halted out of frustration AND the number of incredible helpers I gained during those months after the realization that I should really learn to ask for help
3: Number of library workshops planned for teachers to a) train their pupils on proper library usage and etiquette and b) conduct their own library lessons
2: Number of libraries in Kyenjojo District
1: Number of weeks until 470 pupils enter a library for the first time in their lives.

DSC_0003 (6).JPG


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