Solo Dolo

Some quick thoughts on my trip to Thailand/traveling solo:

  • I was really conflicted when planning my trip over whether to stay in a hotel or a hostel. I compromised by booking a hotel room for my time in Phuket at the beginning of the trip and staying at a hostel for my time in Bangkok. It was really nice walking around naked and having no one around to witness the noises I made while taking my first real hot shower in MONTHS and when I got that out of my system, I welcomed the company of the people in my hostel. It was the perfect balance.
  • As corny as it sounds – you’re never alone when you’re traveling. I think this Ugandan proverb says it best “A friend is someone you share the path with.” During my time at the hostel in Bangkok, I was surprised to find many other solo travelers from all walks of life. I still had to be convinced to venture out of the safety of the hostel that first night but then I was hanging out with the guys I met every night after that. We formed our own little “hostel family,” if you will, and we always looked out for one another. It was really comforting. Two of the guys I met are now traveling together! (Which makes me insanely jealous and brings me to my next point…)
  • I briefly considered traveling to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos while planning my trip to Thailand. I had heard that it was fairly easy to travel overland between those countries but after thinking about visas and other cumbersome things, I decided against it. Of course, I regret it now, especially after seeing firsthand how easy it is to travel solo. I really wish that I planned less and gave myself more time. I am definitely booking a one-way ticket for my next trip.
  • My absolute favorite part of the entire trip was walking down the streets of Phuket wearing that tight black mini dress that I never wear because I swear it emphasizes my not-so-flat belly, eating copious amounts of delicious street meat. As I embraced my poor sense of direction and wandered aimlessly, I felt an incomparable lightness born out of the simple fact that in that moment I didn’t need anyone or anything, I was enough. I felt completely, wholly, liberated. It was a wonderful feeling and I think it sums up the entire trip pretty well. Actually, I think it sums up this year pretty well :).

Happy New Year, everyone!

P.S. Check out my Instagram for pictures!


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