Latrines for Kyakatara Primary School

Hey guys, I need your help! As you know, like most places in Uganda, Kyakatara Primary School does not have running water. Because of this, pupils use pit latrines. Refresher – a pit latrine is a structure with hole in the ground that collects human waste products. The pit latrines at my school are becoming full and will last (at most) 3 more months. The head teacher and I have gone through many different avenues for help funding new latrines, all to no avail. If the school does not build new latrines when the old ones are no longer functional, it will be forced to shut down.

As a last resort, I have set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for new, cost-effective and sustainable latrines. You can find the page here*: In exchange for your donation, my head teacher and I are offering authentic Ugandan crafts (and my undying love, of course). You can also support the project by “sharing” the GoFundMe page on social media and spreading the word. In exchange for sharing my page, you will receive a warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart (and my undying love, of course).

Just in case you need more motivation to support this project, here’s a list of reasons why it would suck if Kyakatara Primary School was forced to shut down.

  1. There are 576 pupils attending KPS. If the school closes, these children will have to find another school to attend.
  2. My school is located on the border of two different districts so some pupils walk as far as 4 miles (“and jump 4 streams!!”) to get here. If the school shuts down, these pupils will have to walk even farther to go to school and some may drop out entirely, perpetuating a cycle of illiteracy and poverty. Personally, I’m not a fan of either of those things.
  3. My wonderful teachers and head teacher will all be forced to relocate and leave behind their families.
  4. My life would become sad and meaningless. L
  5. This blog would die….and since you got this far, I’m assuming you enjoy reading my ramblings.

Anyway, here’s the link again, just in case you missed it up there.

*Can we all just take a minute and appreciate the fact that I didn’t make a single pun on that GoFundMe page, especially considering what a shitty problem this is?? I mean this situation is literally crap. Like, we’re in some deep shit.


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