How I Lived Two Months Without A Laptop (a.k.a How I Discovered The Art of Failing Miserably at Different “Hobbies”)

September 11, 2015

I am currently flying 30,000+ over the Atlantic eating Hot Cheetos and sipping* on Orange Juice**, on my way back to Uganda. Since the last time I wrote, I wrapped up a wonderfully productive term, took a trip to the Sesse Islands with two of my best PCV friends, attended All-Volunteer Conference, and visited home. I apologize for my absence on this blog but getting robbed and having your laptop stolen makes it really, really hard to write. Honestly, I don’t know where to start or what to talk about at the moment. I could talk about how my trip to America went (full of love, cuddles, and drama – eye-opening in ways I didn’t anticipate), or what I have planned for this term (a lot. too much.)…but instead, I’m going to talk about how I lived two months without a laptop because that requires less thought and I’m about to order another Screwdriver.

Not to be derailed by the crazy shit that life was throwing at me, I attempted to use all the free time that I had previously reserved for Jane The Virgin marathons and obsessively scrolling through pictures from America on my laptop, to “discover new talents” and “try new things” and “further explore my creative side.” Below is a list of hobbies that I attempted….and failed miserably at.

  1. Origami: Turns out I’m really bad at folding paper into pretty shapes…and following insanely vague directions. However, crumpling pieces of paper proved to be very therapeutic.
  2. Drawing: I couldn’t get past the first phase of drawing: Find something to draw.
  3. Journaling: Don’t believe what anyone tells you, writing by candlelight is terrible. It sounds romantic but it’s not, especially when you look back on your writing the next day and can’t make a word out of your half cursive handwriting.
  4. Yoga: Concrete floors…enough said.
  5. Meditation: Just LOL.
  6. Poetry: I wrote one poem. It was a haiku.
    Drenched in candlelight
    Decorated by shadows
    The walls come alive
    I was so satisfied with it that I stopped writing more.

Now, during this time, I did discover some hidden talents. For example, I am a pro at staring at the wall and making shapes out of the cracks in the walls. Lying in bed for hours and going to sleep at 9:00 a.m. was something else I conquered. All half-jokes aside, it really wasn’t too bad, aside from the fact that it made my job so much harder to do. I read a lot of really good books (“Everything I Never Told You,” “Her,” “Room”) and I spent more time engaging with my neighbors.

Anyway, I’m a bit of a mess at the moment. I’m splayed out across three seats (ALL MINE), with stained fingers from the Hot Cheetos and (I can’t lie) I’m tipsy. I think it’s nap time.


**And Vodka.


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