Another List

So much happens in my day to day life that I find it hard to capture it all in my blog. The fact that I have to go into town to do any major internet-ing also does not help. Suffice to say, the only way to resolve this problem is to make a list. (God, I love lists). Here is a list of short stories that I have written (in my head) but have not had the time to blog about:

  1. That One Time I Had To Give A Speech on Pornography In America In Front Of Some Really Important Ugandan Administrators
  2. The Mystery of the Maggots: A tale of how I went away for a weekend and came home to find a maggot in my bed and 10 more under my bed…and absolutely no rotten food or animal carcasses in the house.
  3. Tears: The story of a girl who spent a whole week on the verge of happy/sad tears but refuses to admit that it may have been because she was going through the most severe case of PMS EVER.
  4. Mission: Seemingly Impossible – A Typical Library in an Ugandan School


5. Blurred Lines: Child Labor Edition (Or – That One Time I Chaperoned a Trip To The Swamp Where The Pupils Collected Papyrus To Weave Into Baskets and Mats to Raise Money for the School)

Carrying papyrus

DSC_0018 (6) DSC_0023 (5) Diana cutting down papyrus with a machete

6. Rat Attack: The story of how I came home to find a dead rat on my kitchen table that had fallen from the hole in my ceiling (It has a happy ending – my ceiling was quickly repaired)
7. How Uganda Made Me More Patriotic – A story of the ever present red, white and blue USAID sign in the villages and towns of Uganda that makes my heart flutter each time I see it
8. Appliances I: Dishwasher – Two Buckets and a Banana Leaf
9. Appliances II: Dryer – A Clothesline In My Backyard

IMG_127210. Appliances III: My Mop Is A Wet Rag and My Broom is Made out of Grass
11. I Hate My American Accent: The story of a girl struggling to communicate in a language she just learned
12. True Life: I’m Dating Myself

Also, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here is a list of things I love:

  1. Lists.
  2. My home in Uganda.
  3. All of you.
  4. The line of chimps that I see casually chillin’ on the side of the road when I’m coming back from town.
  5. Milk and the boy who brings me milk every M-W.
  6. The sound of the banana trees in my backyard.
  7. The smell of tea plantations.
  8. Hot Cheetos (which I’m quickly running out of)
  9. Every single person that wished me a happy birthday last week!

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