I’m in freaking Africa!

I am reporting live from Uganda in my comfortable bed under a mosquito net…and life still feels surreal. The plane trip from Brussels to Uganda was absolutely wonderful. Half the plane was empty so we were able to stretch out a bit and get some much needed sleep. I napped for 8 hours and only woke up when the flight attendants passed by with food. There was actually a time when I fell asleep in the most amazing position on my memory foam travel pillow while listening to Ed Sheeran’s voice and woke up to find a Hazelnut ice cream bar just chillin’ (get it, CHILLING?!?! Okay I’m done) on the tray of my second seat. It was heaven, basically.

When we landed in Uganda, we were greeted at the airport by officials holding hand sanitizer. Before we could even go to immigration, we had to fill out a health questionnaire and be evaluated by airport personnel to make sure we didn’t have Ebola. This was comforting but after two days of traveling, I think we all just wanted to settle into our new home, wherever that was, and shower. At this point, I really didn’t know what to expect.

What I didn’t expect though was a camp-like setting with showers (two settings: scalding hot & ice cold), prepared meals and “Tea Breaks” 3 times a day. The Peace Corps staff were very welcoming and I feel almost spoiled being here, although I know it won’t last long. In 9 days after we find out our site assignments, we will all be moving again.

Today I opened a bank account, got my malaria pills (yay for not being worried about malaria every time I get bit by a mosquito!), realized what Uganda can do to my hair (I never realized how perfectly wavy it was! Who needs a blow dryer?) and hung out with some really awesome people. It’s been less than 24 hours and I am already in love with this country.

The girls dorm. The guys dorm is called "Michael."
The girls dorm. The guys dorm is called “Michael.”
The garden
The garden
My current location
My current location

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